HSE Foreman | Savola

  • Location: Khartoum, 03, SD
  • Company: SUD

HSE Foreman

  • Assist in maintaining, implementing, improving the Environmental management system in the plant
  • coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, and environmental health
  • ensuring compliance with environmental legislations
  • Auditing,  inspecting and reporting environmental  situations through the plant
  • Follow the cleaning activities (internal _ external areas)with cleaning company supervisor and send reports (audit results_ indexes % by sections_ monthly reports)
  • Assist in Improvement of housekeeping standards
  • Assist in the preparation of emergency response plans (medical evacuation, political or civil unrest, fire or explosion, environmental damage, etc)
  • Follow up with casual supervisors to assure that all workers who are in direct contact of product Fitness/have health cards
  • Cooperate in HSE newsletter execution
  • Report all cases of environmental nonconformities in the plant
  • Assist in environmental incidents investigations _ Follow the corrective actions till it corrected
  • Follow up the waste management in the plant and write the necessary reports including the violations  and assure well disposing of waste  )solid _liquid) according to waste disposal procedure
  • Follow up for the safety equipments (extinguishers, fire fighting points and pumps, first aid kits, etc) and write periodic reports on it
  • To adherence compliance with the PPEs and report the violations
  • Co ordinate with the fire extinguishers contractor with the complaints and observations
  • Periodic inspection for the  work areas
  • Report all cases of nonconformities in the plant
  • Stop the risky activities/unsafe behaviors during the work hours
  • Assist in near misses/accident investigation _ Follow the corrective actions till it corrected
  • Assist in the preparation of emergency response plans (medical evacuation, fire or explosion, environmental damage, etc)
  • Assist in maintaining, implementing,  the H SE management systems  in the plant.
  • Upgrade the level of awareness among all personnel through communications (verbally notice boards or by e. mails, and HSE awareness
  • Ensure that contractors which worked for Savola edible oils company are safely and in compliance with Local regulations, and health & safety standards.

The qualification of the HSE officer should be:

  1. Bachelor of environmental studies and disaster management/civil protection
  3. One year Experience in industrial/petroleum field

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