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We are now hiring for DAL Dairy Factory (Capo):

  • Process Mechanical Engineer
  • Maintenance Technician
  • HVAC Technician
  • Utilities Technician
  • Water Treatment Technician
  • Spare Parts Storekeeper
  • Machine Operator

About CAPO

CAPO is Sudan’s favourite dairy brand, producing a wide range of tasty and nutritious products, such as yoghurt, fresh and long life milk, cream and mish. We believe that food derived from natural sources is fresher, more nutritious, and better for you and your family. We therefore go out of our way to ensure we provide products that use the purest, natural ingredients to give you delicious and healthy dairy.

As market leader in the dairy sector, we are one of Sudan’s most recognisable brands, thanks to the loveable Mr CAPO, who acts as a badge of trust for consumers, who have come to associate him with high quality and great taste.

CAPO has been a pioneer in the dairy sector, producing the first ever packed yoghurt in the country, and following that with a series of firsts in fresh milk, pro-biotic yoghurt and low fat yoghurt. We are always striving to lead the market and bring new and exciting experiences to the Sudanese consumer.

At CAPO we believe in the power of delicious food and drink to bring together families and friends, allowing them to share life’s little moments. Whether it’s an indulgent moment alone to savour one of our delectable fruit yoghurts, or a special occasion when our perfectly balanced natural yoghurt is used to make a satisfying and memorable family meal, CAPO is always there to support, nourish and delight.

In September 2010, CAPO moved into a new world-class manufacturing facility which includes state-of-the-art processing equipment which will allow us to sustain and enhance our reputation as the leading dairy brand in Sudan. In 2011, we look forward to maintaining the high standards that have made us famous and introducing some exciting new products to please and surprise our loyal and valued customers!

How to Apply:

Apply through: [email protected]
and mention the position name in the subject filed

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Closing Date : Aug 30th, 2021

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