Jobs White Nile Sugar Company (WNSC)


Jobs White Nile Sugar Company (WNSC)


The White Nile Sugar Project entered the sugar industry in 2004 and has since positioned itself as a leading provider of processed sugar-based products derived from sugar cane. The company was designed as an energy-efficient production entity utilising the significant energy mass in sugar cane plantations to produce necessary food and energy products. With the environment in mind, these products are being manufactured in a cost-effective manner using cutting-edge technology and therefore enabling the company to become a cost leader in its field. As a socially responsible company, the WNSC also paved the way for communities in the centre of Sudan to sustainable growth and prosperity. Such transformation has been developed and managed in harmony with nature and the environment, making it possible for these communities to have sustainable access to clean water, health care and primary education. The company has been led by a group of visionary investors who aim to secure food, animal feed and energy products for Sudan and the rest of the Sub-Saharan African communities.

Jobs Title:

1- ERP Specialist ( IT Department)
2- Mechanical Maintenance Superintendent (Factory)
3- Senior Engineer (Fleet)
4- Engineer (Fleet)

  • Good Salary comfort condition

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send an email to: [email protected]

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