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1- Storekeeper

2- Traffic & Cost Controller
3- AP Accountant
4- Fixed Assets Accountant

1- Storekeeper

Job Title: Storekeeper
Closing Date: 22/08/2019
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: junior-level (1-4 years)
Job Category: Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)
Location: Khartoum
Position summary:
Storekeeper manage, supervise, or perform a variety of tasks in ordering, receiving, storing, accounting for, distributing, shipping, and issuing equipment, , materials, and supplies; and managing and controlling the warehouse staff and related operations

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Stock management
Receiving Stock, Issue stock to distribution, receive returns/damages.
Receiving replenishment stock.
To count and receipt physical quantities.
To provide confirmation of receipts to Supervisor.
Providing update on stock quantities received.
Housekeeping & safety: Manage day to day safety of the warehouse.
People management: Supervise the Utility staff on day to day basis.
Provide Information:Providing daily warehousing information to warehouse supervisor.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
Bachelor degree or relevant qualification is required.

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Good level of computer with experience in using stock systems as well as a knowledge of MS Office.
Good organization, planning, scheduling and co-ordination skills.
Budget and cost control experiences.
Ability to supervise utility labors.
Excellent knowledge of warehousing, storage, packing and shipping.
Excellent knowledge of stock control procedures and recording methods.
Ability to train and provide direction to subordinates.
Able to communicate reports in Arabic/English.

2- Traffic & Cost Controller

Job Title: Traffic & Cost Controller
Closing Date: 17/08/2019
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category: Marketing
Location: Khartoum North

Position summary:
Traffic & Cost Controller is the only person within Sayga (Internal Agency) TRIBE that has direct link with all the sections within TRIBE (Finance, Admin, Operation, Client Servicing, Account Planning and Creative)

This job is designed to avoid internal and external frustration with project coordination and delivery. Moreover, Create efficiency in delivery of jobs required by the clients, to ensure that the departments are working with the same sense of urgency as the job requires.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Managing day-to-day operations within the agency and generating frequent Traffic reports.
Workflow management to keep track of the task dependencies and be prepared to overtake necessary rescheduling tasks to minimize risks in the projects.
The costing control responsibilities will be reflected when handling suppliers by assessing them and their quotes. This person is sole person in-charge of approving the suppliers and listing them.
This person has to have high sense of organization and extremely strong sense of how to optimize the resources and maximize the profit of the agency by ensuring jobs are moving through the mapped out process.
Analyzing financial data, obtained through evaluation, to determine the cost of business products and services which leads to an efficient and acceptable rate calculations and identifying reasons for variances.
Cost control will come across strongly when handling the procurement side of the business.
Estimating/pricing, and updating finance team with initiation of jobs to generate cost, and completion to generate payment.
Traffics all jobs within the agency, including monitoring status of jobs daily, preparing weekly job status reports for account management, creative and production, and conducting weekly/bi weekly traffic meetings.
Taking in and closing out jobs (archiving the files and packaging the physical materials for storage), meanwhile ensuring that the proper resources utilization in projects within the agency.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
B.A degree/Post Graduate Degree
Specialization in Marketing Major
7 years Experience in operational work and running business set ups small to medium sized
Experience (indicate depth & breadth).

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Skills & Knowledge
Finance (Cost Allocations).
Project Management
Computer Literate
Communication Skills
Time Management

3- AP Accountant

Job Title: AP Accountant
Date Posted: 08/08/2019
Closing Date: 17/08/2019
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: 0-2 Years Experience
Job Category: Finance & Accounts
Location: Khartoum North
Position summary:
To Maintain, Reconcile & Control Suppliers Accounts & Expenses

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Check and verify payments
Make sure all pmts are tally with Company MOA
Make sure all ptmts are tally with accounting principle
Check and control supplier accounts. Reconciliation & confirmation
check and follow up purchase order status
Check and control staff payments
Reconciling GRNI accounts and flow up pending items
Involved in GL reconciliation process

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
University graduates- Accounting
Ongoing professional certificated is preferable

Required Skills & Knowledge:
1-2 years of relevant experience

4- Fixed Assets Accountant

Job Title: Fixed Assets Accountant
Closing Date: 17/08/2019
Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: 0-2 Years Experience
Job Category: Finance & Accounts
Location: khartoum North
Position summary:
Taking responsibility of fixed asset control for 2 Business Units within DAL Food including DAL FOOD INDUSTRIES & DAL DAIRY FACTORY jointly.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Preparing CAPEX form with serial number for tracking & control after checking the budget for fund & sign it.
Capitalization & disposal process after receiving final invoices from AP/CM- AR- sister companies..Etc.
Issuance Fixed assets Transfer form between sisters companies if needed.
Reconciliation & preparing monthly reports for closing purpose as per below reports:-

A) Update FA register after submitting all necessary transactions through GL voucher.
B) Reconciliation of the Fixed Assets Register with the GL.
C) Provide Cognos report for group finance.
D) Fixed asset tracking report.
E) Prepare Commentary report & send it to accounts reporting manager.
F) B&C Calculation for depreciation.

work in conjunction with other departments for preparing new projects requirements.
C.W.I.P control for both DFI & DDF from starting of projects till receive confirmation for capitalization.
Verification & Re-evaluation of assets as per IFRS requirements.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:
University graduates- Accounting
Ongoing professional certificated is preferable
2-4 years of relevant experience

Required Skills & Knowledge:
Detailed Oriented.
Analytical skills
problem solving
report writing


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