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Jobs MTN Telecommunication Co

1- Segment Pricing and Acquisition Manager
2- Brand and Operations Manager
3- Marketing Communication and Media Manager
4- Data Services Wide Screen and four G Services Manager
5- Financial Operation Senior Manager

1- Segment Pricing and Acquisition Manager

Closing Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Job Category: Marketing: Branding
Division: Marketing
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
To create sustainable, profitable, market volume and value growth for the targeted segments of the Consumer Market.
To assist and support in the implementation of strategies to achieve agreed business objectives i.e. develop and execute innovative approaches to capture the targeted segment.

Responsible for the definition and successful implementation of segmented offers through differentiated value propositions for all targeted customers and business segments in alignment with the company strategy and objectives including but not limited to:

Proposing consumer segment strategies to ensure that adequate plans and forecasts are made to meet the targeted segments requirements.
Developing and executing the annual strategic plans and roadmaps; on-going observation and accordingly optimization plans’ milestones, pre-assessment, post-launch tracking, measurement and evaluation.
Analyzing, forecasting and understanding the targeted segments’ needs, sizes, trends, profitability etc.

Developing & implementing end-to-end go to market strategies for the targeted segments.
Developing promotional campaigns & pricing models based on price elasticity & profitability studies to stimulate usage and profitability of consumers of the targeted segments.
Analyzing & collecting relevant segment data from Market (by conducting quarter market visits) & Customer Intelligence (including primary research, data mining, external reports) and impressions from Point-of-Sales.
Monitoring the execution of segments and emerging market strategy against specifications.
Identifying, reviewing and monitoring of the demographic profiles of the targeted segments.
Evaluating & identifying new opportunities for expansion and revenue growth from within or outside the targeted segments.
Recommends and identifies actions for customizing products & services to meet the needs of dedicated consumer segment to ensure the achievement of the main financial KPIS of Revenue, MOU, ARPU, Market Share, Churn, etc. with the help of the Customer Management and Products and Services teams
Collaborate with IT Team, Brands, Sales, etc in Product Launch.
Reviewing and suggesting of appropriate methodologies and techniques to be used for competitor and non-competitor analysis, economic analysis, industry trends analysis and review of developments in the telecom technology and management practices
Ensure to delegate and empower the subordinates and provide the proper training to improve team’s productivity and skills.
Perform Ad-Hoc Duties Assigned by management.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor Degree in Marketing or any other relevant field (MBA degree is a plus) Over 4 years telecom experience and 2-3 years relevant working experience

Required Skills:
Able to think strategically. Effective managerial skills. Detail orientation.

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2- Brand and Operations Manager

Closing Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Job Category: Marketing: Product & Services
Division: Marketing
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
To manage the marketing activities within the specified region including merchandising of CSP’s & trade, outdoor and sponsorships … etc. In charge of promotional materials management and facilitation of events in the specified region.


  1. Ensure smooth company outdoor brand operations (ATL and BTL) through efficient implementation of the communication plan
  2. Establish fit with Company positioning strategy and to construct and negotiating agreements that safeguard the brand and enhance the brand positioning; identifying and selecting sponsorship vehicles and applying sponsorship guidelines specifying target audience desired objectives
  3. Integrate with International programs especially football and reviewing suitability and continual development of the sponsorship
  4. Manage the promotions & events team, the regional marketing team and sponsorships team
  5. Responsible for the selection of the yearly promotional materials
  6. Responsible for all Activations related to the brand and ensuring 360 degrees brand experience to the customers through all the Events and Sponsorships.
  7. Be in charge of events and regional storms across the country.
  8. All Operational management, planning and budgeting aspects of Sponsorship, Events, Activation ,Regional Marketing, Promotional Materials as well as Outdoor management.
  9. Participate in developing annual Marketing COMM strategy & plan and support team in brand management initiatives
  10. Determine activation requirements of proposed promotions against brand image and personality guidelines as well as Operational planning of all materials required for trade shows and special events.
  11. Ensure alignment across the Sales and Marketing organizations on field sales needs and marketing initiatives, including coordination with procurement and budget management.
  12. Convert research findings into performance or financial assessments
  13. Establish documentation and contractual controls
  14. Manage and develop the Brand Operational team.
  15. Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration preferred (specialization in Marketing or Sales)
3-5 years experience

Required Skills:
Project management & Financial skill
Excellent computer skills
Report writing ability

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3- Marketing Communication and Media Manager

Closing Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Job Category: Marketing: Product & Services
Division: Marketing
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary: 
Manage the Brand & marketing communications through setting brand strategies and communication plans according to company’s strategies and through proper implementation.


  1. Interpreting media developments and trends, measuring audience size and composition in different media categories, estimating media demand, prices and margins (seasonality, exceptional factors) and formulating an annual media plan covering all planned media activities (ALT, BLT, direct marketing, social media and website) taking into account overall objectives, timing, budget, media categories , target audience,  consumer buying behaviour, competitor activities.
  2. Developing detailed media schedules for each media activity (reach and frequency, cost, duration phasing, burst, drip, placement details…. Etc)  integrating and coordinating agency input and understanding buying practices and processes (using rate cards, time, length, page size, placement, quality, brokerage  … etc. and to managing purchasing lead time, billing procedures, volume deals. And to identify value added packages (free space, editorials, research).  Thus ensuring maximum reach through optimum media mix cost effectively.
  3. All media management, planning and budgeting aspects of ATL (TV, radio, press, social media) as well as BTL assigned production companies and production budget monitoring.
  4. Converting research findings into performance or financial assessments.
  5.  Establishing documentation and contractual controls.
  6. Developing advertising polices and strategy from the communication plan including budgets, timing, testing and evaluation of procedures and preparing advertising briefs for agency & to be in charge of external and internal approval processes.
  7. Evaluating proposed promotions against brand image and personality guidelines and to determine promotional requirements of communication plan (launch support, customer loyalty … etc) as well as planning advertising materials for trade shows, special events, on-ground activations, CSP branding and production of merchandising materials.
  8. Responsible for all customer communications related to the brand, brand visual manifestation, harmonization and control ensuring 360 degrees brand experience.
  9. Managing and developing the communication team.
  10. Strict knowledge and implementation of MTN corporate guidelines on all projects.

Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.

Job Requirements: 
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (preferred specialization in Marketing) / or Mass Communication.
Minimum 4 years proven experience

Required Skills: 
Excellent reporting skills.
Leadership skills
Customer Focus

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4- Data Services Wide Screen and four G Services Manager

Closing Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Job Category: Marketing: Product & Services
Division: Marketing
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary: 
Maximizing the revenue potential of a delegated portfolio of existing MTN Data services and to develop profitable new Data services from concept through to product launch.


  1. Plan, Rollout, Manage product and services (Data Services for Wide screen & 4G services) roadmap in line with annual and long-term marketing strategy that should deliver business objectives in terms of revenue, unique users, differentiation, unique selling points and competitive edge.
  2. Support Business plan & Corporate Strategy by recommending & driving expansion, innovation, differentiation in product portfolio.
  3. Summarize Data analysis with regards to Data services.
  4. Participate input to development of MTN overall annual Marketing plan in terms of providing new carriers and access middleware
  5. Responsible for maintaining good and healthy conditions of different access channels i.e. GPRS , PCMCIA or USB modems and Handsets  …etc
  6. Use Market research to understand price elasticity of products within target segments.
  7. Manage data on customer segmentation and profiling based on internal and external quantitative/qualitative research and reports from internal systems like Billing system, IN Platform, GGSN, SCG, SAPC, etc to manage profitability of products portfolio.
    1. Analyse all sources of data to identify customer needs, requirements and behaviour which can be translated into profitable business opportunities i.e. Products & Services.
    2. Classify customer base in terns of usage, revenue, number of subscribers …etc.
    3. Use Market research to understand price elasticity of products within target segments.
    4. Participate in Defining Prices and the targeted segment for P&S and recommend on how to penetrate the market and the way of communication channels that should be used.
    5. Provide detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports on activation and sales for all products and services that falls under his/ her responsibility.
    6. Prepare of reports for all products that fall under hi/ her responsibility and having competitive insight over competitive actions done by other operators and the preparation of reports around that and find suitable resolutions for current ad expected competition activities
    7. Manage Vendors/Partners to complete projects on time and within budget.
    8. Monitor market for the latest development in technology, competition, consumer usage and uptake trends, regulatory changes, etc. and identify the impact and/or application of such development on product strategy.
    9. Propose, develop ideas for new propositions &/or products that satisfy all segment needs
    10. Pull together the requirements identified during the requirements capture process and obtain stakeholder and management approval to the intended Service Proposal / Scope of Work
    11. Work Closely with Engineering, IT, Finance, Customer Care & Sales departments in the performance of a full feasibility study in order to define and communicate the methodology by which the agreed functional requirements shall be delivered.
    12. Work with communication Dept to assure the successfulness of the launching and or the reminding campaigns and monitor its presence in the market
    13. Provide properly assessed awareness and communication requirements and then work with communication team, direct and indirect channels to ensure such requirements are met on time.
    14. Development of Promos that is related to the assigned product portfolio and prepare reports and analysis and monitoring of the product life cycle.
    15. Train team on all above tasks
    16. Undertake other relevant duties/responsibilities as delegated by line manager
    17. Perform ad-hoc duties assigned by management.

Job Requirements: 
Telecommunication technical Bachelor degree level / Relevant professional Marketing/Business qualification
3-5 years relevant experience
Has responsibility of multiple products services
Contribution to development of Annual Marketing Plan and development of marketing strategies, policies and processes

Required Skills:
Customer Focus
Taking the Initiative
Teamwork & Cooperation

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5- Financial Operation Senior Manager

Closing Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
Job Category: Finance
Division: Finance
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary: 
Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
Maintain accuracy of work and compliance with established rules and accounting principles.
Manage the accounts AR, AP, FA, GL and Payroll of the company.
Ensure final PPP are in place and regularly adopted.
Mange relationship with external customers like suppliers, MTN Group Companies, etc.

Direct and oversee the following activities for the entire department:
Accounting activities, AR, GL, AP, FA.
Coordinate annual audit with external auditors by coordinating provision of information required, clarifications required, etc. to ensure that the year-end audit package is accurate and complete

Co-ordinate with other financial departments and company departments regarding best financial practice in response to new accounting issues came to light in the process of the development of the company or new regulations and laws of the country.

Develop the Financial Operations department’s employees and prepare the second level of replacement for all functions.

Compile the financial operations reporting, key functional performance in terms of each of the activities responsible for plus requirements of statutory bodies to ensure proper feedback is given and compliance to standards are met

Monitor compliance with companywide OPEX budgets and highlight any non-conformance in order to address these issues in an efficient manner

Ensure alignment of finance policies processes and procedures with the business goals of MTN OPCO

Manage and maintain sound internal control procedures, and implement an efficient and timely financial reporting system.

Ensure that the financial operations activities meet world class benchmarks

Provide guidance and leadership to all department employees to ensure effective and efficient flow of work, and ensure all employees recognize their fundamental role in the department.

Manage the financial reporting process to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the output, also ensure proper records are maintained to support the balance sheet amount on the financial statement.

Management including appraisal, motivation coaching and resolving any conflict arising within the department.

Mange Warehouses to ensure efficiency, safety of materials and appropriate stock level.

Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management

Job Requirements: 
Bachelor degree in Accounting or Finance (Master’s Degree is preferred)
Professional certificate (i.e. CPA, CMA or CA) is required
Minimum 7-9 years of relevant working experience. at least 2 years should be at Financial Manager level

Required Skills:
Ability to maintain high accuracy levels and work quality standards
Recent developments in procurement
Organization, coaching and supervisory skills
Knowledge of business and management principles.
Able to think strategically
Experience in man

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