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Jobs MTN Sudan

1- Territory Sales Manager
2- Channel Development Specialist
3- Service Center Supervisor
4- FinTech Product and Strategy Senior Manager
5- Senior Engineer

6- Process Audit Specialist
7- Sales and Distribution General Manager

1- Territory Sales Manager

Job Category: Sales
Division: Sales & Distribution
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
• Ensure availability and visibility of MTN products & service across the assigned territory and achieve targets assigned, by proper management of TP and POS.
Deliver SIM / Airtime monthly target letters to assigned TP and submit back a singed copy by the TP (Target acceptance)
Prepare monthly route/visit plan and submit it to line manager for confirmation before end of previous month
Daily visit to Route/territory, Develop and retain relations with TP/POSs/Agents.
Develop & train TP direct sales team
Identify and attend to specific TP needs, complaints and drive corrective actions to resolve problems.
Prepare sales plan for Territory/Sales points/Agents to reach 100% targets.
Follow-up TP orders/Sales and ensure for proper delivery of stock
Ensure proper stock be available in the TP/territory .
Develop the territory by increase the numbers of sales points and the MTN profile within Each point – (Market penetration)
Ensure stability of product price in the market, control cross border sales
Ensure assigned target achievement (100%)
Conduct trade shows via TP in assigned regions and new area launch
Educate TP/Sales points /Agents about commissions, pricing and increase awareness of company’s products
Supervise Direct Sales by TP.
Ensure collection of subscriber forms to be collected from POS
Monitor daily, weekly & monthly sales performance report & submit to management
Visit POSs daily according to agreed route plan.
Increase POS foot print as per assigned targets, even spread of POS across assigned areas (Regions/ City/Area)
Ensure 1st feeding of the product via distributor of new POS and continues monitoring the stock availability /level on POS and (Distributor where applicable).
Report immediately to line manager if new POS not fed in appropriate time.
Penetrate new market and establish retail network in line with plan.
Distribute advertising materials and ensure visibility.
Collect the competitor information on the ground level of any activity and inform to line manager
Educate POS about commissions, pricing and increase awareness of company’s products.
Handle POS complaints.
Ensure collection of subscriber forms to be collected from POS
Maintain and update POS data region / area, Submit daily, weekly and per demands reports
Perform Ad-Hoc duties directed by management.
Job Requirements:
• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or relevant background. • Minimum 2-3 years of relevant working experience.

Required Skills:
• Initiative person
• Organizational skills • High Level of understanding for services and products.
Closing Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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2- Channel Development Specialist

Job Category: Sales
Division: Sales & Distribution
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
• Provide quality customer service, support and solutions to subscribers and prospective clients by following up their complaints and requests effectively and efficiently.

Compare and ensure new POS data available in POS data form are similar to details provided by Sales operation team.
New POS data uploading .
New POS end to end management including (data verification , commission awareness , welcome call , weekly follow up call and productivity tracking)
Modify and update all data requested by sales team (POS, routing, salesmen).
Handling & follow up on complaints raised by registered POS by receive, filter and transfer caller’s complaints to the concerned person(s)/ department.
Handling and follow up on all requests raised by Sales/Retail team.
Educate Point of sales about new products, services and any modification on incentive scheme offered by MTN Sudan through bulk SMS/phones answers.
Communicate to POS the plans of registration campaigns.
Conducting POSs’ call out surveys identifying certain market behavior & movements and provide a recommendation and share results with regional management.
Documentation of POS required documents as per policy.
Manage Merchant Account for Mobile -Cash
Handling & Follow up Merchant Agent Complaints
Development Mobile –Cash expansion with pursing opportunities
Generate and analyze the daily, weekly & monthly POSs’ reports as against the KPIs and share with the concerned entities.
Support sales operations projects as per the business plan.
Follow up and handling all requests raised by legal department.
Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.
Monitoring stock availability and make sure all New POS have MTN products
Callout Dormant POSs and address dormancy reasons.
Support sales team to increase Active POS and reduce inactive POS .
Increase POS loyalty by implementing the quarterly engagement plan (Training, Gathering, and rewarding system).
POS commission validation and receiving by POS confirmation
Ensure POS awareness about the commission scheme by call out random POS
Liaise with IT team to develop POS related application (EVD , credit statement , P&S selling to end users)
Performing on ground visit to audit availability , stock out , supply frequency
Monthly random audit for registration compliance by POS and highlighting any deviation
Ensure POS awareness about the commission scheme by call out random POS
Liaise with IT team to develop POS related application (EVD , credit statement , P&S selling to end users
Performing on ground visit to audit availability , stock out , supply frequency
Monthly random audit for registration compliance by POS and highlighting any deviation
Provide legal department by any information required.
Provide any support (training, workshop, coaching etc.) To front line agents requested by management to enhance quality of work.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor degree in business administration or relevant field. • 1 – 2 years related filed.

Required Skills:
• Service oriented.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Problem solving

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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3- Service Center Supervisor

Job Category: Sales
Division: Sales & Distribution
Location: Port Sudan

Job Summary:
Service center Supervise shall Lead a team of agents to provide excellent customers services and experiences by properly handling all customers interactions and transactions with best practice and process compliance .The supervisors must apply effective supervision and team leading and motivational skills to drive and constantly monitor team performance toward division objectives and KPIs .
• This position has a direct impact on MTN perceived image and in the minds of the customers.

Ensure that internal service center operational processes and procedures are correctly interpreted, property maintained and effectively administered by all agents
Control and follow up the daily tasks distribution among the assigned shops
Follow-up shops results by taking appropriate corrective action.
Communicate and coordinate with other departments in order to better serve the subscriber.
Ensure appropriate preventive and corrective action in maintain standards of quality and subscriber satisfaction.
Track all service issues, including errors, production numbers, compliments and complaints.
Report to the Service Center Manager any alarming complaint, case and valuable information.
Coach , develop and monitor staff to perform excellent customers service
Generate daily statistics reports related to operational and sales KPIs and metrics
Provide daily and ongoing direction to shops employees.
Audit and evaluate job performance on each of the job positions assigned on a regular basis.
Check the distributor details & Delegate person
Deliver the goods to the distributor with stamped invoice generated from IFS & Send the original Doc. To finance & archive the hard copies.
Responsible for Service Centres neatness and cleanliness. Ensure that dress code and on-site behavioural directives are well respected by staff.
Manage the assigned shops in his area (sales, Quality, customer experience).
Make periodically audits for assigned shops.
Manage all MTN partners issue.
Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or equivalent
• Minimum 2-3 years of relevant working experience.

Required Skills:
• Initiative person
• Time management skills
• Report writing skills
• Leadership Skills

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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4- FinTech Product and Strategy Senior Manager

Job Category: Products Development
Division: Mobile Financial Services
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
This role is responsible for defining Fintech overall strategy and delivering partnerships that will help implement the strategy, also responsible of identifying business opportunities in the Fintech space beside responsibility of developing Fintech products and services and ensuring profitability and continuous improvement and taking into account technological advancement, competitor activity and market trends.

Strategy development and implementation:
Develop and implement Fintech Strategy incorporating rigorous environmental and competitor analysis and through
Engage with Group Fintech team to implement group strategy and product roadmap in line with the overarching business goals
Ensure effective implementation of the strategy by means of providing direction, support, technical and commercial frameworks, models, roadmaps, partners and products
Identify and assess new opportunities in the Fintech space, define and implement services roadmap

Products & Service Development:
Develop the innovative Fintech product/services and ensure the highest quality are put on the market as early as possible penetrating the identified market segments.
Develop Fintech ecosystem in Sudan through identification and concluding key/strong strategic partnership to expand MTN service offering, increase usages and revenues
Regularly reviews the Fintech business idea, ensuring that products and services, technologies employed, customer experience and cost structures continue to provide profitable growth against changing market and regulatory characteristics
Coordinate with IT to ensure technology roadmap is in line with Fintech services strategy and roadmap
Identify key opportunities to improve the current Fintech services deployments
Support initiatives aimed at the bottom of the pyramid and initiatives around Fintech services access.
Ensure consistent communication around Fintech services to relevant operation team
Ensure consistent user experience and relevance of Fintech product and services are in line with the market need

Project Management:
Act as gatekeeper within Fintech team with regard to new developments, to fully understand the viability of the proposed developments, and to vet viable projects
Drive project processes & timelines and ensure to reconcile project variances as to stays on track
Ensure that the scope of the project is understood by key stakeholders for every project and the necessary requirements are captured.

Planning and Coordinating:
Ensure the optimal use of technologies, systems, market knowledge and analytics via appropriate and adequate research
Act as project custodian, ensuring alignment between the various parties involved
Ensure that projects run smoothly and that specialist knowledge, analytics and insights are provided
Ensure product expectations are met
Ensure that the product development flow is maintained
Ensure that the project is organized and that all parties are aware of their responsibilities in completing the project
Ensure that new products / projects are completed within the timeframe and budget
Attend to variances in the project plan and ensure variances are reconciled to ensure that project stays on track and that any deviations are accounted for and remedied

Customer Satisfaction:
Establish and build relationships with all relevant stakeholders
Align service delivery to changing market segments
Understand customer needs via statistics and trend analysis and develop and fine-tune systems accordingly
Put contingency plans in place to prevent delays in developments
Adopt a proactive approach to prevent problems from arising in the future
Initiate change to continually improve all aspects of service delivery and new developments
Deliver measurable results and projects on time

Relationship Building and Maintenance:
Build and maintain relationships with all Fintech stakeholders (internal & external).
Investigate and understand stakeholder requirements and needs
Follow up on and respond to all queries and requests, however ensure all developments are viable before accepting new projects, to ensure that the channel best interests are put first at all times
Maintain good communication and relationships within Fintech

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor degree in Marketing or Telecommunication, or any relevant field
• MBA / Masters advantage
• Minimum 5 years of experience in leading products & services development & management FinTech industry
• Proven track record of business improvement and strategy development

Required Skills:
• Analytics/data interpretation
• Continuous improvement
• Numerical • Relationship
• Scanning
• Can-do

Closing Date: Monday, July 22, 2019

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5- Senior Engineer

Job Category: Information Technology
Division: Information System
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
An IN Senior Engineer should be responsible for the daily monitoring, performance and availability of prepaid charging systems, incident response management as well as the management of all escalated support tickets in a mission-critical, 24/7/365 environment.

Investigate and resolve fault that occurs in the system and respond to emergency situation within the specified response times in SLA.
Do O&M related tasks on charging system equipment and proactive measures to identify both obvious and non obvious problems that potentially might be raised to a certain severity level that will disturb the system.
Perform a comprehensive fault/failure/alarm Analysis for identifying / determining the root cause of each fault that could potentially escalate to a higher level of alarm, continued by arranging or performing corrective action to solve it permanently in a timely manner.
Ensure skill transfer and technical assistance to engineers.
Prudent management for vendors & suppliers.
Analyse and document business processes and problems. Develop solutions to enhance efficiencies.
Coordinate and implement solutions from process analysis and general department projects.
Assist in process improvement initiative.
Assist external auditors, regulatory auditors and other 3rd parties as needed.
Responsible of implementing & correcting audit findings.
Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.
Monitor Platform.
Report Daily extraction.
Investigate the technical incidents that are reported mainly by the Customers (Customer Care).
Insure the quality of all products provided by the (IN) in term of performance and charging accuracy.
Implement of marketing demands as requested by the line manager.
Secure Charging system availability 24/7/365.
Check up and maintain the platform operational states.
Follow up the new patches and features installed by the Vendor in the IN platform.
System & Service Troubleshooting.
Work within defined systems and processes and identify opportunities to enhance the current system.
Backup of IN Services and databases.
Voucher Centre monitoring and troubleshooting.
New entities and/or services testing.
Generate specific reports.
SS7 system configuration.
Charge matrices definition and modification.
Perform Ad-Hoc duties as assigned by management.

Job Requirements:
University Degree (IT, Computer Science/Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications)
Minimum 2 years of Prepaid Charging Systems in GSM Networks working experience

Required Skills:
Negotiation skills
Interpersonal Skills
Business / systems analysis skills
Good team player.

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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6- Process Audit Specialist

Job Category: Risk & Compliance
Division: Business Risk Management
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
To provide technical competence, expertise and support to the appropriate senior auditor in auditing the goals, performance objectives and impact of a variety of economic, financial and managerial programs in conformance with company policy and IIA guidelines for professional practice

Provide some input into the operational plan (1-2 years) for the Internal Audit Unit
Contribute towards continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level
Input into identifying ways to fine tune systems in line with changing work practices
Assist in identifying innovative ways to use minimum resources to achieve maximum outputs
Assist the Senior Auditor in conducting audits of accounting, financial and operating records and procedures
Apply professional accounting and auditing principles in performing audits
Verify reports against source records to determine reliability
Verify detail of recorded transactions
Conduct detailed examination of receipts, disbursement vouchers, payroll records, requisitions, work orders, receiving reports and other accounting and operating documentation
Ensure that all transactions are properly supported by documentation and recorded correctly
Perform research as required to locate and summarise laws and ordinances and review legal summaries to ensure compliance
Draft questionnaires, summarise results, draw conclusions and draft reports concerning the economy and efficiency of operations reviewed
Utilise computer programs in the evaluation of data
Recommend ways to bring programs and operations into compliance with goals and objectives
Prepare work papers, schedules and summaries
Evaluate situations and determine the best methods to reach defined outcomes
Implement effective methods and standards in place
Gather information and research to ensure delivery of effective results
Utilise efficient project administration (e.g. file maintenance, cross-referencing, marking and identifying documents, etc.)
Develop practical solutions for problems encountered
Assist in identifying and assessing market trends in internal audit processes
Address problems on a case by case basis, ensuring an optimal balance between the response to the situation, the cost of that response, and the core purpose of the organisation
Deal with problem situations that arise, timorously and efficiently
Follow clear and linear procedures to diagnose and solve problems that are not always obvious
Sort, accumulate and analyse information about a particular situation or problem to assist with problem solving
Ensure that all processes and procedures implemented are aligned to the set operational framework for the Internal Audit Unit
Ensure that workflow continues without interruption
Continually improve existing processes and procedures to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance
legislation or other regulations and guidelines
Seek feedback from stakeholders and continuously seek ways of improving on standards

Job Requirements:
Relevant B Degree (e.g. Accounting or Finance, etc.)
CIA/CPA certification preferable
At least 2-3 years of experience in the telecoms industry
Experience in internal financial and operational audit

Required Skills:
Planning skills – plan, prioritise, resource allocation and deliver on time
Technical and professional excellence
Relationship building
Feedback skills
Computer literate
Problem solving skills
Budgeting skills
Conflict management skills

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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7- Sales and Distribution General Manager

Job Category: Sales
Division: Sales & Distribution
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:
The General Manager, Sales & Distribution is key to the delivery of a differentiated and unique channel proposition (industry best) through structured trade layer management; leveraging on an effective sales force / operationally efficient team; while aligning MTN and channel members common objective towards achieving sustainable market dominance. The General Manager, Sales & Distribution contributes to strategy development and manages the execution and implementation of strategy through working with and across functions, multiple processes, discipline technologies, products, teams and customers The General Manager, Sales & Distribution reports into the Executive and is supported by Senior Managers. The positions will interface with the Opco stakeholders, Group Management Services stakeholder and Consumer divisional heads in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Strategy Development and Implementation
Contribute to the creation of the divisional strategy for the Sales & Distribution function in line with the overarching business goals;
Ensure effective implementation of the strategy by means of providing direction, structure, frameworks, models, plans and roadmaps; and
Define the standards for performance across various activities and identify the parameters for measurement of performances.
Develop and implement the sales channel management strategy / sales force management operations and ensure sales are driven through the appropriate channels
Develop distribution network / channels and trade tiers business intelligence processes and analytics for grater insights / inputs to decision making

Staff Leadership and Management
Build and manage a high performing team by providing leadership, role clarity, training and career development;
Source, induct and manage talent in accordance with legislative guidelines;
Ensure open communication channels with staff and implement change management interventions where necessary;
Provide definition of roles, responsibilities, individual goals and performance objectives for the team;
Set KPIs and provide regular performance feedback through a well-defined and implemented performance review program;
Develop and implement a training plan in order to build and develop skills within the team;
Encourage knowledge transfer through the implementation of a knowledge transfer plan and drive continuous improvement philosophy through the knowledge transfer plan;
Performance manage resources in accordance with HR policy and legislation where necessary;
Actively participate in leadership team and develop skills of own team; and
Promote a ‘MTN centric’ and ‘partnership approach’ to develop strong relationships with other working groups and ensure adherence to Group governance.

Strategic Meetings
Hold strategic meetings, ensure relevant participation and provide guidance and support in the various discussions;
Drive enterprise wide transformation initiatives, elicit inputs from relevant parties;
Drive adequate risk mitigation and controls, and elicit inputs from relevant parties;
Sign off approval on new initiatives;
Provide relevant budget for internal projects; and
Prepare proposal on change initiatives, SLA policies and procedures.

Manage and resolve issues that will result in severe time, scope, productivity and cost or resource impact; and
Resolve and provide guidance to issues escalated.

Manage all projects and initiatives;
Review key risks, issues and dependencies and set mitigation actions; and
Sign-off / make decisions regarding tactical changes.

Monitor performance and alignment with MTN global strategy and per industry best practices;
Review performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and review service level agreements;
Identify opportunities for improvement and collaborate with respective OPCOs and teams to agree on corrective actions;
Ensure provision of appropriate support to consumer functions; and
Create and monitor plan for continuous improvement and monitor adherence to the plans.

Report on a monthly basis to Executive, Value Proposition & Customer Insights relating to progress made within the division and in accordance with the measurement metrics set by the organization;
Highlight to the management significant deviations from defined performance metrics; and Report on an ad hoc basis on specific projects, as required.
Develop and manage of divisional budgets in line with business objectives;
Develop and manage project initiative budgets in line with business objectives; and
Ensure that the cost of operations are reduced, in line with a least cost operating strategy stemming from the business drivers.

Operational Delivery
Define the criteria to measure/improve Sales &Distribution efficiency.
Review Market related tools (e.g. Market monitoring, airtime distribution and commissioning tools and processes and ensure they remain viable and in line with industry benchmarks
Illustrate the demand driving customer contact across all customer touch points / contact channels, create awareness and recommend improvement opportunities delivering extraordinary customer service
Ensure world class efficiency in processing channel partners orders towards achieving excellent product availability and adequate depth and breadth product distribution
Ensure proper alignment of commercial objectives in response to specific local market realities
Develop and implement best practice trade management strategies
Draw insights from business intelligence tools in order to drive sales of all MTN products
Drive sales and revenue through optimal network capacity utilization
Ensure effective sales order processing to ensure efficient fulfillment of products requirement in the trade
Ensure operational efficiency through effective logistics operations
Ensure effective cross functional engagement with other departments / units of the business towards the achievement of MTN corporate goals / 
commercial objectives
Develop end to end distribution strategies that ensures presence everywhere of all MTN products
Provide basis to continuously drive together sales performance; trade propositions / compensation packages (commission & incentives)
Drive cross functional alignment and proper understanding of channel strategies
Drive high performance workplace through rewards; recognition and effective performance / objectivity management
Prepare and manage divisional budget
Retail Channels
Provide the MTN Opcos with retail brand guidelines, service portfolio and customer experience i.e. own shops, franchises, shop in shop and piloting / rolling-out.
Lead the development of self-care channels and the definition of MTN role’s across new digital/social channels.
Drive all aspects related to Retail and Trade Marketing and Branding and integrate with other parts of the business to deliver best practice and innovation, ensuring consistent MTN Retail Identity and visibility of outlets, channels and campaigns
Manage the branded store design, merchandising, promotional goods and retail visual communications.
Manage and ensure alignment of OPCO activities to Group retail channel communications strategy
Lead efforts to leverage the Global Brand Positioning and solidify the company’s superiority through MTN-owned and non-owned branded channels, trade customers and POS outlets.
Provide leadership in the translation and execution of the Marketing strategy into impactful programs which contribute to and reinforce the network’s market-leading position in most markets
Establish dynamic and consistent retail image, visibility and ensure presence within the OPCO markets aligned to ROI
Identify the training needs of the customer (OPCO and key channels) and coordinate the implementation of training interventions
Input into Retail communications activities, review and manage recommended corrective actions
Collaboration / Coordination
Collaborate with other Group Management Services divisional head to develop and implement an integrated GMS policy and strategy
Ensure team’s collaborate with Quality Assurance and Internal Audit teams to perform periodic quality and process audits
Undertake and provide oversight on enterprise wide projects and initiatives.
Collaborate with other functional heads to enhance key elements of the consumer business model;
Collaborate with Group Management Services and Opco leaders to add and / or modify suite of services/support provided and develop standard templates and reports; and Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities
Accountable for the morale, performance, and development of the department’s human capital;
Align departmental values with MTN brand values;
Approve work structure process before adoption by the team;
Coach and mentor direct reports;
Enforce team members’ compliance to standard working processes and procedures;
Ensure adequate succession planning and that succession plans that are in place are achieved;
Ensure assigned team is led motivated, and rewarded to achieve KPA’s;
Ensure that coaching / mentoring programs and personal development plans are in place for all staff members;
Ensure effective management of diversity among personnel in the division;
Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions;
Motivate and manage individuals to perform at the highest level, especially in terms of delivery and meeting target deadlines;
Possess the authority, presence, and integrity to command respect from colleagues and from external contacts;
Provide career development for direct reports (counselling, coaching, identifying key performance areas, career planning and goal setting);
Provide guidance and leadership ensuring future focus and current efficiency;
Recruit and build a world class information management team;
Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation;
Set overall direction for the division; and
Provide an advisory function on governance and best practices in client experience.

Job Requirements:
Minimum of 4 year tertiary qualification in Sales & Marketing/Business degree or in relevant field. MBA or Masters in relevant field of study (Preferred) 10 – 12 years of relevant work experience in Sales for a large organization. Senior management track record of 5 years 3 years in Telecommunications is preferred. Experience in leading change / transformation Experience in continuous improvement through the implementation of best practices Experience in Sales Channels leading practices and trends

Required Skills:
Conflict management
Continuous improvement
Data interpretation
Dealing with ambiguity
Dealing with complexity

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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