FinTech Products and Services Manager

Category: Products Development
Division: Mobile Financial Services
Location: Al- Khartoum

Job Summary:

Developing FinTech products and services and ensuring profitability and continuous improvement of the service quality and customer experience by taking into account the technological advancement, global trends, competition activities and market trends. The role also involves working with cross-functional teams including Enterprise Business Unit, Digital services, Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Regulatory & legal affairs and ITDescription:

  1. Develop innovative FinTech product/services and ensure the highest quality are put on the market as early as possible penetrating the identified market segments.
  2. Regularly reviews the FinTech business idea, ensuring that products and services, technologies employed, customer experience and cost structures continue to provide profitable growth against changing market and regulatory characteristics
  3. Screen & use benchmark technics to identify new business opportunities, performance KPIs and Support the development & implementation of new FinTech products & services.
  4. Create, implement and follow up a rigid and sound process in terms of Product Launch and Management (PLM)
  5. Develop a pricing strategy to the new products and services in accordance to the overall company revenue plan, competition, and market acceptance.
  6. Preparation of reports for all products & services  and having competitive insight over competitive actions done by other operators/service providers and the preparation of reports around that and find suitable resolutions for current and expected competition activities
  7. Manage Vendors/Partners to complete projects on time and within budget.
  8. Coordinate with IT to ensure technology roadmap is in line with FinTech services strategy and roadmap
  9. Work Closely with IT, Finance, Customer Care & Sales departments in the performance of a full feasibility study in order to define and communicate the methodology by which the agreed functional requirements shall be delivered.
  10. Provide properly assessed awareness and communication requirements and then work with communication team, direct and indirect channels to ensure such requirements are met on time and the successfulness of the launching and or the reminding campaigns and monitor its presence in the market.
  11. Identify key opportunities to improve the current FinTech services deployments
  12. Ensure consistent communication around FinTech services to relevant operation team
  13. Ensure consistent user experience and relevance of FinTech product and services are in line with the market need

Job Requirements: • Bachelor degree in Business, IT, Engineering or relevant educational field • MBA preferred • Minimum 4 years of experience within related fields.Required Skills: • People Management • Requirements Analysis • Understanding the CustomerClosing Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019

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