Compliance Officer

Vacancy Details

Job Title:Compliance Officer
Date Posted:13/02/2020
Closing Date:26/02/2020
Company:DAL Engineering Division
Job Classification:junior-level (1-4 years)
Job Category:Finance & Accounts

Position summary:

To control the flow of the operationalization of Compliance practices across all business units to drive optimum financial performance and value creation.  Securing an appropriate and qualified organizational structure to support management within their responsibilities to adhere to laws and internal policies.   

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Standards & ProceduresEnsure that all the Controls/standards and the procedures are applied according to AMMEA guide lines to ensure that the compliance throughout the BU’s are effective and efficient in identifying, preventing, detecting and correcting noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations.   Business Partner Due DiligenceMaintain and control a, transparent and standardized process (in line with legal requirements) to select sales/service partners, which ensures integrity in business relations and adherence to legal requirements, in order to avoid liability risks for own company.           
Policies and ProceduresAdminister and enforce a code of conduct, to reflect company values and provide behavioral norms for all employees, enforce appropriate policies and procedures (incl. documentation of roles and responsibilities) in order to address and mitigate identified risks.           
Training and CommunicationTrain and assist to educate employees with regards to the code of conduct and other respective compliance policies and procedures according to risk exposure in order to ensure that all employees are aware of company values and behaviors as well as it’s policies and procedures. Whistleblower SystemEnsure that compliance dept. is aware and well documented of any  possibility for employees and externals to report misconduct/potential misconduct to an independent and central function to ensure the anonymity or at least confidentiality of the whistleblower.Investigation and Sanction Process Ensure that an appropriate sanctions or measures for violations of law and policies, including the code of conduct are set to ensure that the penalty/reward principle is active.   
Business Process Mapping: Ensure that all BU’s departmental process mapping are collected and updated and reflect the actual operations to ensure authorities and accountabilities are in place.Compliance Reporting & Data Analytics    prepare and deliver regular and accurate compliance reporting that monitors and reports against credit control, Fixed Assets management, credit control and capital expenditure to ensure all processes are on the right track.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

Bachelor Degree in Finance, Accounting and/or Business Administration.Experience:Minimum  3+ years experience in Compliance within a corporate environment.                          Minimum 2+ years experience in Compliance within an engineering industry .                          Minimum 3 + years work experience in local market. 

Required Skills & Knowledge:

Fluent in English                                          
 Contracts Management                                            
of Standard Accounting Practices & Procedures           
Critical Thinker /Problem-Solving Skills                                     
Compliance Management                                             

Analytical Skills & Data Reporting                                    
Policies Practices                                            
Business Process                                            
Budget Management                                             
Project Management                                            
MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio)

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