Graduate Development Programme (GDP) Senior Advisor

Vacancy Details

Job Title:Graduate Development Programme (GDP) Senior Advisor
Date Posted:17/12/2020
Closing Date:31/12/2020
Company:DAL Engineering Division
Job Classification:mid-level (4-7 years)
Job Category:Human Resources & Administration

Position summary:

To provide overall programme management of DAL Groups’ Graduate Development Programme (GDP)  in order to provide assurance of a steady supply of top talent for deployment into future business critical roles.   

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

GDP Operational Duties  :Provide day-to-day operational support and customer service to enable the effective functioning and implementation of GDP practices and deliverables.                                         GDP Attraction:Maintain the ongoing marketing and brand positioning of the GDP programme to promote DAL Group as an employer of choice in the eyes of the prospective graduates. This will include partnering with Marketing to produce various marketing and communication mechanisms, inclusive but not limited to digital and written materials, marketing campaigns, radio broadcasts, presentations, digital platforms etc. Also act as the company representative at universities, career fairs and recruitment networking meetings.      
Graduate Recruitment, Assessments & Selection:Manage the annual recruitment and selection process based on strategic business objectives and resourcing requirements to fill future business critical roles through the attraction of the right talent, at right time, cost and quality. This will entail overseeing the annual operation of online graduate recruitment from applications, screening, shortlisting, assessment center co-ordination, interviews, panel presentations to selection and onboarding. A key requirement in this process is to produce reports to track statistics on cut-offs to qualify for the next round in the selection process.  
Graduate Placement & Rotation:Ensure all GDP practices are run in accordance with clearly defined policies, processes and guidelines to ensure that each graduate is supported through structured job rotations, placements, training and development for deployment in business critical positions on completion of 4 year programme. As part of each rotation and placement, performance and development progress will need to be tracked and monitored to ensure graduates are meeting the expected requirements of the GDP programme.           
Graduate Curriculum Architecture, Development & Design:Manage the curriculum design process in partnership with DAL Food to ensure that requirements and learning content per graduate functional stream support the building of the right skills and capabilities and subsequently meet critical business needs and skills sets required in the future. Curriculums need to be regularly reviewed against business needs and the DAL Groups Competency Framework where proposals for improvements/changes as well as working in partnership with external training providers will be a further requirement.                                        GDP Learning & Development (Learning Waves):Ensure the ongoing partnership with DAL Food who will be responsible for the implementation of  Learning Waves through the provision of  learning and development interventions, training programmes, special workshops and capability building sessions as per curricula requirements. A key outcome of this will be a the tracking and monitoring of Learning Wave completion status and competency development.                               
GDP Database Management & Record Keeping:Ensure the effective administration of GDP data and record keeping on approved GDP system that enables  accurate and credible data points to be used for analysis, career development and decision making. Included in this responsibility will be the integration f data on approved Core HRIS.                                     GDP Enagement & Social Networking:Project manage the GDP interventions and social activities through coordinating events and gatherings to ensure engagement of young professionals within the programme.   GDP Communication:Serve as the liaison and primary point of contact for graduate information sharing and general communication updates as required. Included in this responsibility will be the updating of  GDP Website and social media accounts.               Governance & Compliance:Provide ongoing document management control in accordance with ISO standards to maintain and update latest version of all GDP policies, procedures, processes  and forms on one central digitized portal for easy access and information sharing.Invoicing, Payments & Cost Control:Ensure orders and purchase requisitions are created and approved for all GDP related expenses, following up on outstanding requisitions to provide a monthly Cost Control Report.                                           
Integration, collaboration cross functional work across –  Talent Management, Engagement and L&D where required

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

Qualification:Diploma/Degree HR, Social Science or Business Administration   
Certification in HR/Learning and DevelopmentExperience:Minimum 3 year + in Business Administration                               
Minimum 3 -5 year working experience of which 1 year should be in HR or L&D                       Minimum 1 years work experience in a corporate or large organization.                              Minimum 2 years work experience in local market.   

Required Skills & Knowledge:

Fluent in English                                            Learning and Development                                            Data Management & Reporting                                             Digital & Systems Savviness                                            Administration and Office Management                                       
Logistics Management                                            Attention to Detail                                            Time Management & Prioritization                                       Analytical Skills                                            
Inventory Control & Asset Management                                       
Invoicing & Budget Reporting                                            Vendor Management                                            MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio)Apply through: DAL Career Website :
or send your CV to:
[email protected]
and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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